Waste water treatment

Solutions for Waste water treatment

Carmeuse has extensive experience in chemical processes to treat wastewater from a variety of industrial sectors. Our solutions can help to minimize your costs while conforming to strict environmental standards for purified water. Our customized quality grade products for wastewater treatment processes have gained popularity in Europe, Asia, and North America. 


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Profitability Solutions

  • Provides a variety of lime based products to treat a range of waste waters generated by iron and steel plants.
  • Lime is the most available and cost-effective neutralizing agent among all alkali materials that treats acidic wastewater.
  • Lime meets the requirements for pH adjustment that is necessary for discharge from iron and steel making plants.
  • Lime can neutralize many inorganic pollutants including heavy metals and fluorine, and it can precipitate in basic pH conditioning.
  • Using lime is the first necessary step to remove dissolved metals from wastewater.

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