Flue Gas Cleaning

Solutions for Flue Gas CleaningCarmeuse helps steel manufacturers comply with increasingly strict regulations on emission levels without incurring a significant increase in operational cost. Our expertise helps steel manufacturers to carefully evaluate the flue gas cleaning process to determine the best solution. Solutions vary depending on local regulations, requirements, manufacturing processes, and factors such as fuel mix. 

In these cases, our extensive expertise helps steel manufacturers to meet their specific needs. Our CleanCalco® sorbent has gained popularity in both Europe and Asia. Identical lime sorbent products are also available in North America.

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Profitability Solutions:

  • Helps you comply with increasingly stricter regulations on emission levels.
  • Provides customized Flue Gas Cleaning solutions based on your variable processes including sinter plants, coke oven, boilers, etc. Each of these processes has their own specifications and requirements.

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