Lime Injection in EAF

Solutions for Lime injection in EAF

We understand that maintaining a foamy slag in the EAF is essential as well as fundamentally challenging. It is for that reason, Carmeuse, along with its injection technology partners, are some of the first lime producers to introduce this technology to EAF shops. Through its commitment to quality steel making, Carmeuse has invested capital and personnel to become an industry expert in injection technology.


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Profitability Solutions

  • Foaming can be negatively impacted by multiple process parameters. As the foam height drops, it is very difficult to foam the slag again with carbon injection alone.
  • Lime injection provides an ideal solution to maintaining a good foamy slag. It is a controlled process based on the slag conditions and is able to maintain consistent basicity, fluidity and foaminess.
  • Lime and dolomitic lime injection in the EAF provides a significant shift from traditional practices. Along with the Safety & Housekeeping benefits, it helps to improve foaming, arc stability reducing energy and electrode consumption, recovery of fluxes, and refractory life. This helps to lower EAF conversion costs and the impact on the environment. 

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