Waste and Sludge Treatment

Solutions for Waste and Sludge Treatment

Carmeuse has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of sludge and waste treatment processes needed in steel manufacturing. This experience provides us with the expertise to customize solutions for various types of sludge or waste disposal, particularly depending on the end reuse such as fertilizers. Carmeuse offers lime products and binders that fit all types of processes to treat specific waste generated by the iron and steel industry. 


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Profitability Solutions:

  • Provides solutions for a wide range of residual sludge and solid waste.
  • Lime neutralizes free acids in chemical waste products and forms insoluble, chemically stable salts that are safe from leaching into the environment.
  • Pozzolanic reactions between lime and active silica / alumina in mineral sludge can stabilize these materials to form a solid and low-permeable matrix, contributing to the blockage of leaching contaminants.
  • Exothermic hydration property of CaO helps dry and solidify sludge for final disposal or reuse
  • Lime-based binders provide highly permeable properties to solidified sludge and stabilized waste, keeping them safe from leaching contaminants.
  • Minimizing dust emissions by treating with milk-of-lime to provide stabilization of solid granular waste.

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