Lime injection in BOF

Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF), being the most dynamic steel making process in the industry, requires high quality products and technology to sustain reliability and competitiveness. Carmeuse has excelled in this area through partnerships with world leading injection technology companies to develop and successfully employ lime injection through modified oxygen lances.


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Profitability Solutions:​

  • Optimized timing additions of flux agents into the volatile steel bath.
  • Reduction of phosphorus levels by optimizing the oxidizing environment in the furnace resulting in high quality steel.
  • More precise injection of lime provides an optimum alternative to traditional practices of adding lump lime which has always been difficult to control.

While significant results have been experienced, Carmeuse and strategic partners are always looking to further develop this technology for optimum performance including:

  • Metallurgical benefits due to improved dissolution rate of lime; consistently better Slag; and improved dephosphorization
  • Process benefits include reduced slopping; elimination of re-blows caused by phosphorus; 100% recovery of lime injected; and potential improvement in refractory lining life
  • Environmental and safety benefits because of cleaner working conditions.

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